Watch As Jon Stewart Breaks Down The Fox News Reaction To The VP Debate

    Unlike 24-hour news networks, The Daily Show isn’t as daily as its name would imply. This means that unfortunately, some news stories end up being lost in the weekend shuffle when the program doesn’t air. However, if you thought that Jon Stewart wasn’t going to address the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, you’d be mistaken. 

    Stewart was ready to tackle the story, heading in a predictable direction: Fox News. The anchor rightly predicted that unlike their MSNBC counterparts (who conceded Mitt Romney won the first presidential debate), most Fox News personalities wouldn’t give Joe Biden credit for what appears to be a clear-cut victory. 

    It was especially funny to see Stewart respond to Sarah Palin’s comments, given that she is herself a former victim of Biden’s energetic debating style. Check out the video below (via Gawker) and delight in Stewart’s deconstruction of Palin’s choice metaphor for how the debate was conducted. You should also play close attention to one Fox anchor’s bizarre analysis of Biden and how it relates to older folks who may be active in the dating scene.