Watch Arcade Fire Play Two New Songs On “Colbert”

    Check out the band's outrageous rider via the Everything Now Corporation

    Arcade Fire stopped by “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” last night to play two songs off their new LP Everything Now. The band played “Everything Now” and “Creature Comforts,” but it wouldn’t be Arcade Fire In 2017 if there weren’t a couple of extra pieces tied into the music.

    Their performance was “sponsored” by and preceded by an infomercial brought to us by the “Everything Now Corporation,” which is a fake retailer that has taken over Arcade Fire’s marketing for this album cycle.

    Everything Now Corp. has implemented a strict dress code at AF shows, created a Stereogum parody website and asked fans to purchase a $109 fidget spinner. All of this should be in quotes, as the band is making a comment on consumerism and heavy social media intake.

    Everything Now’s mission statement, so to speak, says, “Everything Now has cut out the middle man, absorbed competitors and dodged antitrust violations in order to bring savings to you on billions of products that matter,” such as, “prescription energy drinks, white-male talk show hosts, indie rock credibility and self-propelled fidget spinners.”

    Earlier in the week, “The Late Show” shared a performance rider that was supposedly for the show’s consumption only. The list of “demands” is clearly tongue-in-cheek, but Arcade Fire seem determined to stick with this Snooty Indie Rock Royalty/media conglomerate persona.

    The rider is stamped with the Everything Now logo and includes “little stuff” the band wanted ahead of their performance, including needing every dressing room available, having no contact with guests, and asking “Late Show” staff to wear Everything Now branded apparel exclusively.

    “The Late Show” Twitter account, for its part, responded “What a bunch of tools…”

    Below, take a look at that rider and watch Arcade Fire play the two new songs. “Creature Comfort” is only available online.