Watch Aphex Twin Field Day Set, Solve His Latest Mystery

    Enjoy Aphex Twin's Field Day set. But don't let it distract you from the evasive producer's latest puzzle...

    Is there anything the Aphex Twin Reddit fan cabal isn’t capable of?

    As you might recall, it was this unsurprisingly riddle-proficient community that first demystified the cryptic video message and digital countdown posted by Richard D. James and the NTS London radio station.

    Analyzing the source code of the countdown timer, the band of keyboard Sherlocks discovered that the clock was set to expire on the date of Aphex Twin’s much-anticipated Field Day festival performance. And, courtesy of NTS, who livestreamed the performance, you can watch Mr. James’ hair-whitening two-hour set from the Victoria Park festival below.

    On sale at the festival was a limited edition 11-track Aphex Twin EP titled, London 03.06.17The recording, which was exclusive to the festival, and sold out within mere hours. It didn’t take long for the EP to wind up on eBay, pricing out at £500 (or $644.13). However, audio rips of the scarce EP have also started to surface online.

    And while the vast majority of us sadly weren’t present at the Barn Stage at Field Day festival, and don’t have the luxury of clutching a hard copy of London 03.06.17 in our lap, we can get a good general idea of how things went by gauging the crowd response:

    In addition, Mr. James himself left a Soundcloud comment earlier today expressing gratitude to those who made it out to the festival.

    In a current discussion thread occurring in the Aphex Twin subreddit, the elusive producer’s resourceful acolytes are actively working to identify each fragment from the set and piece them together in playlist form.

    The tracklisting assembled by the Redditors is presently incomplete, although they’ve made impressive headway thus far. The lion’s share of tracks included in the Field Day performance seem to have been already collected (and linked to), with a slowly dwindling number of unrecognized tracks (as denoted by question marks) remaining unsolved.

    You can follow and listen to The Field Day playlist, which is a work in progress, on Spotify where songs are being incrementally added in tandem with the Reddit team’s discoveries.

    Never one to grant our inquisitive minds respite, Warp Records has already shared yet another cryptic digital clock countdown. What this newly calibrated clock is counting down to, however, has yet to be unearthed. But Aphex Twin’s Reddit hounds are, naturally, on the case, and the dominant theory suggests the release of a possible collaborative track with footwork producer, Jlin, that was included in Aphex Twin’s Primavera Sound set on Thursday.

    You can watch a fan-shot clip from Richard D. Jame’s Primavera Sound performance below.