Watch Anthony Bourdain Cook/Get A Tattoo With Sleigh Bells

    It’s no secret that Anthony Bourdain likes his music–everyone from the Black Keys to Josh Homme and Das Racist have appeared on his food show No Reservations. On an upcoming episode, fans of both eating and indie rock will get a special treat as Sleigh Bells guest.

    The group hosts Bourdain out of their rented SXSW home in Austin and proceed to roast a pig, boil some crawfish, and give the show’s namesake a tattoo. Guitarist Jason Boyer is apparently a tatoo artist, and he gives Bourdain “a little sun with rays emanating out of it” on the inside of his forearm (right beneath a gnarly snake tattoo). The episode airs September 3 on the Travel Channel, but you can watch a teaser video below. [P4K]