Watch: An SNL Promo With Rihanna And Anne Hathaway

    Hosting Saturday Night Live is something that a lot of hopeful celebrities want to do someday. Their childhood dreams of being on one of the longest running and funniest shows are often apparent when they finally get on stage as the theme song finishes and they stand to deliver their monologue. 

    Some people have hosted SNL a lot more than others. Alec Baldwin currently holds the record, with 16 episodes under his belt, although Steve Martin isn’t far behind with 15, and John Goodman is nipping at both their heels with 12. The Five-Timers Club is an exclusive one and includes people like Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken and former cast member Bill Murray. 

    Anne Hathaway and Rihanna will be on SNL this week, and in the promo below (via, they discuss how they’ve both been on three times. Well, actually, this will be Rihanna’s fourth time — but Hathaway’s fine with that…right?