Watch An Honest Trailer For ‘Paranormal Activity’

    Movie trailers are made to highlight the best elements of a film without giving too much away. The best previews show just enough and then step back, leaving the audience desperate to learn more. 

    Unfortunately, in the case of Paranormal Activity, what you see in the trailer is pretty much all you get. 

    That’s the premise behind Screen Junkies‘ latest installment in their Honest Trailers series. You’ve already seen their honest trailer for The Avengers, and hopefully also watched their take on Prometheus.

    Check out the Paranormal Activity one below (via Vulture) just in time to not see Paranormal Activity 4, which opens in theaters today. After all — even just seeing the honest trailer for one installment is essentially the same as seeing any of the films in the franchise in their entirety. Unless, of course, you think blurry shots of staircases or long sequences of people sleeping can be terrifying.