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Watch An Exclusive Clip From 'The Paperboy,' Starring Nicole Kidman And Zac Efron

Why Zac Efron, I do declare. Seems the once-tween heartthrob is further perverting his good boy image with an appearance in Lee Daniels' latest, The Paperboy.

The film, which also stars Nicole Kidman (doing a thick Southern drawl no less), Matthew McConaughey (doing a thick McConaughey drawl, probably), and John Cusack, premiered at Cannes to mixed reviews. Daniels, whose last film Precious also divided critics, posted on his website two weeks ago: "I think that you'll find it very provocative...[There are] some big stars in it and they were surprised that I got them to do what I got Mo'Nique and Gabby [Gabourey Sidibe] to do. But I think die hard Lee Daniels fans will love the film and those who can't stomach the truth will be appalled and call it disgusting."

Paperboy unfolds as a reported investigates the death of a Florida sheriff and his accused killer (Cusack), along with a potpourri of oddball characters, the most salacious being Charlotte Bless (Kidman), who oozes the kind of exaggerated, big-hair sexuality best reserved for daytime television. Watch her make a still tan Efron squirm in this exclusive clip from the film. [Vulture]

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