Watch Amy Poehler Butcher Karaoke Songs With Ellen

    Yesterday, Amy Poehler appeared on Ellen to talk about the brand-new season of Parks and Recreation, but as befitting most Ellen interviews, the two got side-tracked. Ellen decided to put Poehler’s karaoke skills to the test with a game of “Karaoke Roulette”: the wheel spins and you sing the song–without knowing what it will be ahead of time–sans teleprompter.

    The problem is, neither Poehler nor Ellen could really remember the words to their songs. Poehler put in a bizarre, slurring performance of “Bad Romance,” though it must be said that her version is probably better than most at your local karaoke bar (especially on Thirsty Thursdays…). Meanwhile, Ellen sang gibberish over “Eye Of The Tiger” while lounging in her chair like a veteran Vegas act. The pair are patently hilarious together–perhaps this could be a recurring segment? Watch below. [Buzzfeed]