Watch Alabama Shakes Perform “Boys And Girls” During A Take Away Show (Video)

    Alabama Shakes, the once small-time Southern blues-rock outfit, continue to climb the ladders of both commercial and artistic success, while the accolades continue to pour in. One such testament to a band’s esteem is an invitation from French music blog, La Blogothèque, to contribute a live–often semi-impromptu–session to their video podcast series, Les Concerts à Emporter (“Take Away Shows”). Last winter, amidst a busy touring schedule, Alabama Shakes found the time to perform a few songs, while wandering the lamplit streets of Paris, for their first ever “Take Away Show.” The band chose selections from their debut album, Boys and Girls, including “Goin’ to the Party” and the title track; plus an unreleased number called “Makin’ Me Itch” (apparently a live show favorite). According to La Blogotheque’s website, they were not familiar with the “Take Away Shows” and seemed fairly amused to be playing right out in the open while Parisians walked by. Watch their powerfully understated version of “Boys and Girls” below.