Watch Adele Vs. Daft Punk “Something About The Fire” (Carlos Serrano Mix Video)

    When you think there’s been enough dance and club remixes of Adele’s hit singles, you’ll have to accept one more – especially when it’s a mashup with legendary duo Daft Punk. Carlos Serrano has been churning out a slew of mashups such as Rihanna & Neon Indian and Jay-Z & Lana Del Rey. This time around he turned Adele’s “Something About The Fire” into a loungy funk number mixing it with Daft Punk. Her emotional ballad gets disco’d out with glorious funk bass lines and twangy guitars driving you into a groovy world of ecstasy. 

    And to better visualize this sweet ecstasy, director Jason Ano brings the song to life. His video perfectly captures the sensual senses in the mashup. Ano has also been known for his other video work for A$AP Rocky’s “Purple Swag” and Skrillex’s “Rock & Roll.”


    Download the track here: