Watch Actor John Cho On Being Insulted By Morrissey

    Morrissey giveth, Morrissey taketh away. Actor John Cho–known for his roles in the Harold & Kumar franchise and the new sitcom Go On–was a big fan of the Smiths growing up, but he had a bit of a nasty run-in with Morrissey, as he tells Vulture.

    The site, along with the Upright Citizens Brigade, turns his tale into a hilarious animation, full of Filipino-gangster pool halls, John Cho being mistaken for other Asian actors, and Morrissey’s withering insult as Cho attempted to express his undying love for his music. The story is really entertaining, chiefly for the reason that of course Morrissey was hanging out in a Filipino-gangster pool hall. Watch it below, and watch out if you ever meet Morrissey.