Watch: Action Bronson And The Alchemist’s Hilarious “Back And Forth” Interview

    After bringing us a hilarious interview between A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown, Noisey sit down two of hip-hop’s most colorful characters, Action Bronson and The Alchemist (who will release their collaborative project, Rare Chandeliers, later this month), for more comedy gold. Perched on a wall by a beach in Santa Monica, the pair discuss riding horseback through the projects, Bam Bam’s four-album deal with Freekey Zekey and jumping out of helicopters on skis. Like any Bronson song, a ton of quotables have just been spawned from a three-minute clip:

    I’m all about progression, man… I only deal with innovation… and elegance and shit, like, I don’t give a fuck… I have three dicks.