Watch: A$AP Rocky Brings Freeway And Young Chris Out In Philly

    If this doesn’t say something about A$AP’s status, then I don’t know what will. Drawing out some onstage cameos is one thing, but pulling hometown heavyweights to your show really spells things out, and that’s what A$AP managed to do while passing through Philadelphia.

    Anyone who knows a fleck about Philly rap recognizes the names Freeway and Young Chris, and in a mini-doc courtesy of Team Early TV, you can follow the Rebel Capital emcees as they venture into the concert picture. Of course, the impromptu stop at the Mitchell & Ness store is necessary, so you’ll have to deal with some vanity, but from there on out, it’s all Freeway, Young Chris and A$AP doing their thing.

    A$AP’s collecting a fair amount of high profile partnerships while on the road; should be interesting to see what kinds of collaborations begin to surface.