Watch A Video Of Kanye West And A-Trak During ‘College Dropout’ Tour

    With College Dropout nearing its 10 year anniversary on February 10, it’s only fitting that a video during the seminal album’s tour is finally making its rounds across the Internet. The video sports a very young and very funny Kanye West and A-Trak long before they were either a Fool’s Gold mastermind or a Louis Vuitton don and 21 GRAMMY award winner. 

    At this time Kanye West was still sporting striped Polo’s and just another rapper waiting to be taken seriously while A-Trak was a baby-faced, under-the-radar DJ. The video has some pretty memorable moments with West’s former manager, John Monopoly impersonating voices of Andre 3000 and Osama Bin Laden, and West and A-Trak shopping for shoes while Tupac’s “California Love” plays in the back. Watch the video below.