Watch A Two-Hour Supercut Of Every James Bond Movie

    A license to kill. An Aston Martin sports car. A vodka martini — shaken, not stirred. These and many other elements are iconic components of the James Bond character. However, they weren’t invented all at once. A lot of them appeared in the original Ian Fleming novels, but most of them found their way into scripts and were eventually made permanent on the big screen.

    What’s more, most of them took some time to become solidified. For instance, Sean Connery’s take on Bond portrayed him as a suave, debonair spy, but Roger Moore’s interpretation took those characteristics and brought them to a whole new level.

    If you’re excited for Skyfall, which opens in IMAX today and in regular theaters tomorrow, set aside two hours and watch this supercut of every 007 movie. It stitches together five minutes of each James Bond film and gives a real sense of how the character has evolved over the years. Check it out below (via IndieWire).