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Watch: A Tribe Called Quest Performs With Nas

Unfortunately, some of us (like me) are still waiting for Michael Rapaport's acclaimed A Tribe Called Quest documentary, Beats, Rhymes & Life, to make its way to our local theaters. So until that happens, we're going to have to either wait (im)patiently or continue playing the hell out of Midnight Marauders (my personal favorite). Or, you can check out this great live clip of the group performing with Nas, who clearly was excited that Q-Tip hit the stage but damn near fainted when Phife Dawg and Jarobi came out, too. It's rare that you get to see Nas this happy, though he's clearly been diggin' life a lot more lately.


You can watch the footage below.




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A Tribe Called Quest

at least the BRL trailer is on the apple site and in apple TV. lol


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