Watch A Trailer For ‘Seven Psychopaths’ Remade With Cats

    The upcoming Seven Psychopaths looks to be an excellent comedic thriller. It’s got a phenomenal cast, including Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Woody Allen. It’s by a talented and unique director, Martin McDonagh, whose last film In Bruges got rave reviews. It’s even got some good action and suspense elements. 

    However, what it might be lacking is cats. Lots and lots of cats. Fortunately, the producers have come up with a revised trailer that rectifies this situation — and maybe even goes a little bit too far. Check out “Seven PsychoCATS” below. It might help to watch the original trailer it’s based off of first, although there’s no denying that seeing cats lip-syncing dialogue is funny no matter what. 

    Also, make sure not to miss the Mexican hairless that stands in for Christopher Walken’s character. It’s bouffant toupee is probably funnier than anything else in the vide.