Watch: A Teaser For Tomorrow’s ‘The Evil Dead’ Trailer Release


    Remember last week when a bootleg recording of the New York Comic Con trailer for Fede Alvarez’s remake of The Evil Dead hit the Internet? Well, it’s getting an official release tomorrow, but until then, we can all enjoy a teaser for the trailer, continuing the latest annoying tradition of releasing trailers for trailers.

    While we get a few peeks at actual footage from The Evil Dead, most of the teaser shows footage from the panel at NYCC. Alvarez defends his remake in the clip by telling the crowd, “If Sam Raimi asks you, ‘Do you want to remake Evil Dead for me?’… you don’t go like ‘No thank you, I don’t believe in remakes.’”

    Bruce Campbell, the star and co-producer of the original film, says, “We know what you need: you need horror with blood flowing down the screen” and follows it up with the rhetorical question, “Where’s your art film now?”

    As much as I dislike remakes, I have to admit that The Evil Dead looks pretty good from what I could see from that bootleg version of the trailer. Here’s hoping we end up with a Dawn of the Dead caliber remake and not something awful like Black X-Mas.