Watch A Short Scene From Season 4 Of ‘Community’

    Community might have one of the most difficult histories of any sitcom, but it also has some of the most devoted fans. People who love the show and were afraid it might be cancelled after last season took to the internet and advocated on its behalf, particularly on Twitter with the #sixseasonandamovie hashtag. 

    However, after showrunner and creator Dan Harmon was fired by NBC, the program seemed as if it was in dire straits. It didn’t help that it was going to be broadcast on Friday nights, which is frequently noted as a place where TV shows go to die. 

    However, earlier this year, it was speculated that it might instead be featured on Wednesdays, which would give it a chance to build up a bigger pool of viewers. Either way, it’s returning, although exactly when is unknown. 

    If you don’t believe me, watch the video below (via Vulture). It was shown on Ellen when star Joel McHale stopped by to chat about the program. It looks like Community is picking back up right where it left off — with The Dean in a dress, and Jeff Winger trying to milk him for information.