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Watch A Preview For Flying Lotus's 'Until The Quiet Comes'

On October 2, Flying Lotus will release his highly-anticipated new album Until The Quiet Comes via Warp. The producer just released a teaser video directed by Beeple that features snippets from the album, which you can watch below. (Note: this is different from his short film, also titled Until The Quiet Comes, which debuted last week). There's not much to grasp here except some nice visuals and tantalizing edits, but it's all presented in a beautiful package. Watch below.


Until The Quiet Comes track list:

01 - All In
02 - Getting There feat. Niki Randa
03 - Until the Colours Come
04 - Heave(n)
05 - Tiny Tortures
06 - All the Secrets
07 - Sultan's Request
08 - Putty Boy Strut
09 - See Thru to U feat. Erykah Badu
10 - Until the Quiet Comes
11 - DMT Song feat. Thundercat
12 - The Nightcaller
13 - Only if You Wanna
14 - Electric Candyman feat. Thom Yorke
15 - Hunger feat. Niki Randa
16 - Phantasm feat. Laura Darlington
17 - me Yesterday//Corded
18 - Dream to Me

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