Watch A New Clip From ‘Life Of Pi’ With Ang Lee

    Of any movie that has the makings of a blockbuster, Life of Pi probably has one of the stranger plots. The novel on which it’s based features multiple settings, but the bulk of the book takes place on a life raft adrift in the Pacific Ocean. What’s more, the main characters are an adolescent boy called Pi and a tiger named Richard Parker. 

    If you haven’t read the book, you’re probably pretty confused right now. However, this is a premise that works surprisingly well and can be translated to the screen pretty seamlessly. All the requisite conflict is there: Pi needs to survive, but he also has to not be eaten by the tiger. He may even be able to dispose of Richard Parker, but the loneliness of the open sea might eventually get to him, so he has to weigh his options carefully. 

    In the hands of a lesser director, this might not end up working. However, Ang Lee is in charge, and the early clips that have been released give hope that the movie will be both visually stunning and emotionally resonant. Check out the video below (via to see Lee himself introduce the newest available clip.