Watch A Musicologist Study English Skrillex Fans

    Josh Haddow is a musicologist with a new series on Noisey called “Who Actually Listens To…” that studies the fanbases of bands by interviewing fans at their show. In the first episode he tries to look deeper than the facepaint and headbands of English Skrillex fans to get at the core of what it means to identify with Skrillex. It begins with a look at two shirtless bros, then two younger but shirted bros, and finally a single woman and a wasted couple. Haddow even incorporates role play into his study by asking fans to address a mop as if it were Skrillex and explain how they feel about his music. It has varying results. 

    Any UK readers care to shed some light on the the “Drug Amnesty Bin” at 2:07?