Watch: A MTV Uncut 2002 Interview With Kanye West

    Whenever you get to the position that you’ve been aiming for, you have to remind yourself sometimes of the difficulties, trials and complications it took for you to reach your objective. Not too long ago, a raw and uncut MTV interview of Kanye West in 2002 appeared on the net and looking at Kanye West as a 25 year old producer then and a 36 year old pop icon now is bittersweet. For the bitter part, the no patience, self-absorbing attitude is still the same; in the beginning he tells someone in the background to “Don’t distract my story.” Also, the Chicago accent in his voice is clearly evident, so no; you won’t be hearing any of his “white voice” on this clip.

    But the sweet part was realizing a guy, who was only a couple years a way from rap stardom, showing that passion and reckless determination to be a rap king. Remember, this is 2002; every one pretty much associated West to producing the five tracks on Jay-Z’s The Blueprint or Scarface’s “Guess Who’s Back.” As a rapper, he hadn’t accumulated his dream yet of being the top artist in rap, but his willpower displayed in the video showed he was well on his way.  


    The clip clocks in over an hour long, and if you’re a Kanye West purist, it will be an hour well spent. To watch the clip, click below.