Watch: A ‘Drive’ And Mario Kart Mash-Up

    Drive was one of the best movies last year. It featured a mostly silent and nameless protagonist who lived to drive. When a deal goes badly and the people he cares about are threatened, he shifts into overdrive and tears a bloody swath through an atmospherically re-imagined Los Angeles.

    The film came out over a year ago, but that doesn’t mean people have lost interest in it. In fact, a lot of great parodies are coming out of the woodwork, especially since there’s speculation Ryan Gosling’s character may get a spin-off movie

    To tide yourself over before this comes to fruition, check out one of the better videos to be released related to the movie. Comedy group Dr. Coolsex has come up with a vision for Drive set in the Mario Brothers’ Mushroom Kingdom. Check it out below (via Vulture).