Watch A Deleted Scene From ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ DVD

    The Amazing Spider-Man comes out on DVD on Nov. 9, and there’s ample reason to buy a copy. In addition to the chance to experience the excellent reboot of the franchise all over again, you’ll get access to a lot of bonus material. Some of the best of it is in the form of deleted scenes. 

    A fair amount of content had to be cut from the film’s final version, which is a shame, because a lot of what ended up on the cutting room floor played to the strengths of director Marc Webb and the cast he had assembled. These include emotional resonance and realistic relationships between characters. 

    For example, in the scene below (via Vulture), Peter Parker confronts Dr. Curt Connors — or The Lizard. However, rather than staging a cartoonish battle from the outset, they sympathize with one another. The Amazing Spider-Man succeeds as a movie because of the believable emotional maturation of its titular hero, and this is this never clearer than when he’s attempting to help the only man who will talk to him about his parents — and discover what the changes happening to his body mean.