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Watch: Bon Iver Perform Three Songs At Bonnaroo (Official Videos)

Following his performance at Bonnaroo this past weekend, indie crooner Bon Iver shared a clip of his majestic rendition of “Michicant.”

The Wisconsin-native has a month of European tour date schedule throughout July and the beginning of August before heading back Stateside to perform at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in September. Have no fear European fans. If the singer doesn’t hit your town during the first jaunt, he’s slated to return for a second run in November. Watch the clips from his performance this past weekend below:


Bon Iver: "Michicant" At Bonnaroo 2012 (Official Video)


Bon Iver: "Blood Bank" At Bonnaroo 2012 (Official Video)


Bon Iver: "Hinnom, TX Wash" At Bonnaroo 2012 (Official Video)

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Bon Iver

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