Watch: $2 Million Led To 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather Beef (Video)

    What’s $2 million amongst best friends? According to 50 Cent, it’s enough to cause a rift between himself and his ex-best friend Floyd Mayweather. 

    Earlier today 50 visited Power 106 in Los Angeles and alleged he invested $2 million into forming The Money Team promotions company with Mayweather only to have the boxer pull out of the deal.

    The rapper goes on to state that he started questioning Mayweather because the boxer was spending money on $300,000 chains and Lamborghinis.  “I’m sitting there going, ‘When you gonna give me the money… when you gonna give me your half of the money back?’ But, I ain’t tryna press him because he just got out of jail,” Fif stated.

    Despite the rift between between the two, 50 refuses to declare it a beef although he does admit having come to blows with Mayweather in the past.”I won, every time,” he stated. “It was more out of reflex though. He punched me.” [RealTalkNY]