Watch: 2 Chainz Reveals His Softer Side On MTV’s ‘First Date’

    2 Chainz has been a usual name over the recent weeks with his signing to Def Jam and making MTV’s “esteemed” Hottest MCs of 2011 list (not going to say anything), so to land him some more hype, who else but MTV decided they’d have Rya Backer sit down with him for a segment of First Date.

    The whole deal revolves around him giving Rya a workout (it’s not what you’re thinking) while revealing a bit of himself, and aside from the fact that he’s one of the most monotone rappers you’re going to find, it’s not too bad save for the complete absence of creative brilliance.

    Considering he used to go by “Tity Boi,” 2 Chainz comes off on this one as a pretty tame dude. Then again, it is MTV, so there’s only so much you can show of yourself (or so much they’ll show of you when they go to editing the footage to their liking). Anyway, check it out.