Watch 150 Troma Movies For Free On YouTube

    The world’s oldest independent film studio, Troma Entertainment, has uploaded 150 movies from their catalog to their YouTube channel for free streaming. Titles range from black-and-white classics like White Zombie to the company’s most recent film, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.

    Troma has been in business for over three decades and the company’s name has become synonymous with low-budget horror-comedies that don’t just push the envelope of good taste; they completely tear it apart. These movies aren’t for everyone, but as company president, Lloyd Kaufman once explained, “The person who goes to the Troma movie knows that he or she may love the Troma movie or, he or she may hate the Troma movie; but the movie-goer knows that he or she will never forget the Troma movie.”

    Some of the most popular titles to come out of Troma include The Toxic Avenger franchise, Class of Nuke ‘Em High, Surf Nazis Must Die and South Park creator Trey Parker’s first film, Cannibal! The Musical. Unfortunately, the latter is the only movie streaming for free, as it’s likely the sales of these movies have been key in keeping the lights on at Troma’s headquarters for decades.

    However, there are plenty of gems to be found in the collection. Highlights include Troma’s take on William Shakespeare, Tromeo & Juliet; The Office star Jenna Fischer’s directorial debut, Lollilove; artistic vampire comedy Sergio Lapel’s Drawing Blood; a student-produced documentary Jefftowne and the brilliant German horror-satire Killer Condom.

    As if you can’t tell from titles like Rabid Grannies and Killer Condom, these movies aren’t safe for work; unless of course your boss thinks that watching movies about geriatrics with rabies and phallus-eating condoms are proper work conduct. But if you love weird films or the irony of watching a movie for the so-bad-its-good, Troma’s delivered plenty of options via YouTube.