Watch 13-Year-Old Rapper Lil Mouse’s New Video, “D. Wade”

    In similar fashion to fellow Chicago native Chief Keef, 13-year-old rapper Lil Mouse shot to internet fame earlier this year with his controversial gun-talking anthem, “Get Smoked.” The young buck saw his stock skyrocket even further when Lil Wayne decided to remix said viral hit for his new and already hugely popular mixtape, Dedication 4. Looking to keep his hype in healthy shape (and the frown firmly frozen on the face parents and teachers alike), Mouse debuts this new video, “D. Wade.”

    The track makes reference to the homestate NBA hero with the chant, “I’m the heat with that .38, you can call me D. Wade,” while the visuals see the seventh grader (I assume this kid’s still in education, given his butt hasn’t been kicked out already) give a ‘hood chick a ride on a motorbike, and also perform plenty of gun-cocking motions.

    It’s safe to assume this Lil Mouse kid will be hip-hop’s next hotbed for controversy for months to come.