Wale Using Turntable.fm As Opening Act On Tour

    Those of you who attended one of Wale’s Ambition tour dates probably noticed a rather intriguing opening act on the bill. No, it wasn’t some huge surprise guest or anything like that. It was online DJing site Turntable.fm. According to Wired, fans of the D.C. rapper can hop on the Ambition tour Turntable page at home or at the venue using their iPhones and control the music heard prior to Wale taking the stage.

    Pretty rad, right? I just hope no one tries to Rick Roll every concert. Uh oh, did I just plant a terrible seed? Maybe. You can read what Wale had to say about the concept below. [Hypebot]

    “I just thought it would be something dope, you know? Social networking is really important…Anything that’s social networking and music combined is definitely something that I want to be a part of, because I’m very hands-on with it.”