Wale Talks ‘Ambition,’ Meeting Rick Ross On ‘Last Call With Carson Daly’ (Video)

    I’m pretty sure I’ve made this point before, but I don’t think there is another late-night TV show doing more for hip-hop artists than Last Call with Carson Daly. Whatever your feelings on Daly, you cannot deny the fact that he gives a lot of shine to rappers and allows them to do more than simply perform. And recently, he sat down with Wale to talk with the Washington, D.C. spitter about his sophomore album, Ambition, and how his career has changed in the past year or so since joining Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group crew.

    The best part of the interview comes when Daly asks Wale how it felt to see Ambition come in at number two in its first week betwee Justin Bieber and Susan Boyle. Wale’s response: “Great, man, I just wish Justin Bieber didn’t celebrate Christmas.” Watch the interview below. [MWP]