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MP3: Wale "Nike Boots"

When I saw the title for this new single from Wale, I thought "oh great, here goes some anthem for sneakerheads." Luckily, "This ain't a shoe song..." as Wale states on the song. Instead Wale and producer call attention to the often neglected hip hop from Washington DC with "Nike Boots."
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don't hate on sneakerheads.

Phil B

Haha. I actually got a lot of sneakers but I don't keep up with what's limited and new, etc.

Dave Park

I LOVE YOU WANNA GO have sex??


moco waddup

its only a matter of time before everyone knows Wale's name

Free Agent

wale is my dude...he goes hard and he's gonna have a hell of a 2009 just watch.


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