Waka Flocka Says Beef With Wiz Khalifa Started Over Weed

    In a recent sit-down with MTV, blunt-smoking superstar Waka Flocka Flame set the record straight about how his beef with rapper Wiz Khalifa came about.

    As Waka tells it, he met Wiz at a show and, after passing around some “mosquito” joints, he joked that Wiz “can’t hang.”

    This allegedly lead Wiz to take to Twitter, declaring “[D]on’t be fooled. Waka Flocka knows nothing about weed.”

    The video interview is brief, but it’s clear that Waka doesn’t take the whole feud too seriously, claiming repeatedly that the whole thing was meant to be “a joke.”

    Waka also claims to have given Wiz “a whole CD of Lex Luger beats,” saying, “That’s how he got that sound.”

    Here’s hoping we can cut through the smoke in this feud.