Waka Flocka Calls Baracka Flocka Flame “Disrespectful,” Unaware Of Irony


    Many LOLZ in here. Let’s get to it:

    Even rapper Waka Flocka Flame wasn’t thrilled after seeing it. At least that’s what he told the New York Times. When asked about it by the paper, he called it “a form of disrespect.”


    “That they used it to be so sarcastic, it was almost a form of disrespect,” Waka explained. But, why did he share it with his 214,000 Twitter followers if he didn’t like it? He told the paper he tweeted it only to “let other people see how ignorant other people can be.”

    That’s right, Waka Flocka Flame has called something “disrespectful” and also said that something shows “how ignorant” other people can be. In relation to a parody of his song “Hard in the Paint.” Which itself is disrespectful to anyone with working ears, and a showcase for how ignorant people can be. I don’t even know if I can add anything here. Except that maybe the Baracka Flocka thing is really dumb. And not even funny. And that it’s only half as bad as Waka Flocka himself? [Ballerstatus]