Volcano Suns, featuring Mission of Burma’s Peter Prescott, to receive long-overdue reissues

    Here’s a fun fact for the day: Did you know that after Mission of Burma broke up in 1983, drummer Peter Prescott would go on to form another legendary Boston indie rock band? One whose body of work may have even been better than MoB’s pre-reformation work? Volcano Suns, which in addition to Prescott featured Jon Williams and Jeff Weigand, were the simply one of the best mid-80s rock bands of the American Underground, a band that bridged the gap between hardcore and MoB’s experimentalism. Volcano Suns’ two classic albums, The Bright Orange Years and All Night Lotus Party, have been all but impossible to find save for digital bootlegs (they weren’t even released on CDs). My friend sent me Bright Orange Years about a year ago, I have been addicted to it ever since.


    Soon, however, you won’t have to resort to piracy to find the best Boston indie rock released between Mission of Burma and the Pixies. Merge is rereleasing Bright Orange Years and All Night Lotus Party in January, complete with a combined 20 bonus tracks of even harder-to-find 7" singles, radio sessions, and previously unheard demos. The albums were originally released on Homestead, and have been remastered by Shellac’s Bob Weston. So in sum, these are two reissues you don’t want to miss come January. Merge keeps building the love for its 20 year anniversary.