VMA Rating Decrease By Half From Last Year

    Did you watch the VMAs last night? According to the numbers, it looks like a lot of people’s answer to this is “no.” 

    Ratings for Thursday’s 2012 MTV Video Music Awards were less than stellar. Okay, they were downright terrible. After scoring its largest audience EVER last year (12.4 million viewers), this year’s award ceremony saw a decrease…of 50%. According to the Nielsen report, a mere 6.1 million viewers tuned in to see musicians receive their silver spaceman.

    To put this in perspective, this past June MTV’s sister stations BET’s annual music and culture awards drew a larger crowd with 7.4 viewers. Why the huge drop-off? For one, the show aired on a Thursday instead of its usual Sunday and bumped the airtime to 8 pm instead of its usual 9 pm. So maybe people legitimately just forgot to turn it on.

    Another huge factor was the Democratic National Convention. Though MTV switched its airtime to make sure it didn’t completely coincide with the President’s nomination acceptance speech, the DNC pulled in a good 29.2 million views. 

    Or maybe people just don’t care as much about huge celebrities? No, that can’t be it…