Vivian Girls’ Original Drummer Frankie Rose Readies Slumberland Debut

    Frankie Rose is something of a Pete Best character in the Vivian Girls story, since she was a drummer who left before the band became noteworthy (OK, so Best was fired, but you get the idea). Actually, Rose departed for Crystal Stilts and didn’t disappear. She also played for the Dum Dum Girls.

    Last but not least, Rose is a songwriter and she’s now leading a band, Frankie Rose and the Outs, whose self-titled debut CD is due to come out on Slumberland Records in September.

    What will it sound like? Well, you can get an idea by downloading the teaser MP3 “Little Brown Haired Girls.” Beyond that, the music is being described as more pop that any of the bands Rose has been associated with. Its dream pop leanings should bring to mind a mix of Cocteau Twins artiness with Shangri-Las and Phil Spector retro appeal.

    Rose says she “tried to make this album as hi-fi as possible while sticking to the sounds that I’ve always loved. I grew up listening to a lot of musicals and Gilbert and Sullivan operas, so harmonies are a given. I also was drawn to anything spooky as a kid-‘Good Vibrations’ still kinda scares me. Reverb puts a haze on everything, you know?”

    The band is rounded out by bassist Caroline Yes, guitarist Margot Bianca, and drummer Kate Ryan (Rose has moved to guitar). The album will also include organs, sleigh bells and melancholy melodies.

    (Note to New Yorkers: the band can be heard live Aug. 5 at the Brooklyn Bowl and Aug. 27 at Cake Shop.)