Vivian Girls Announce September Release for Sophomore Album, Everything Goes Wrong

    Let’s be honest here: at this point, more people have heard Vivian Girls’ thoughts on how big of a douche you are if you eat at TGI Fridays than have heard any of their songs. And that’s on everyone I suppose (us for wanting someone to hate, them for being dumb in a dumb interview). But the Girls aim to put their music back up front with Everything Goes Wrong, their sophomore album, which is pretty much finished, and is due for a September 8 release via In the Red. 


    In the Red is the label that re-released the group’s self-titled debut last summer, and while the track list is a robust 13 songs, don’t expect this thing to clock in at much more than a half-hour.


    Everything Goes Wrong track list:


    01 Walking Alone at Night
    02 I Have No Fun
    03 Can’t Get Over You
    04 Desert
    05 Tension
    06 Survival
    07 The End
    08 When I’m Gone
    09 Out for the Sun
    10 I’m Not Asleep
    11 Double Vision
    12 You’re My Guy
    13 Before I Start to Cry