Vivan Girls release new single, “Surfin Away”

    Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls are releasing their latest single, "Surf’s Up" on their own label, Wild World.  The band shows the sunny (and sixties) side of shoegaze with the new songs "Surfin’ Away" and  "Second Date." And–to top it off–the b-side is a cover of the Beach Boys’ "Girl Don’t Tell Me!" The limited edition single is only available as part of a Fun Pack (cool! fun!) that includes a t-shirt, two postcards, and a button. Check it out at  For more Vivian Girls sights and sounds, see this recent John Norris MTV interview, this live performance of "Surfin’ Away," and this interview and free mp3! The ladies will begin an English tour next month, and in May 2009, the Vivs are planning to release a follow-up to their acclaimed self-titled debut record (released first by Mauled by Tigers and now available from In the Red).