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Virgin Finally Finds Ideal Audience for Chris Cornell's <i>Scream</i>: Captive Airplane Passengers

Virgin America, Richard Branson's airline, has announced plans to play Chris Cornell's Scream to people who won't have a chance to escape it: airline passengers. That's right, if you have the unfortunate task of flying home this holiday season on a Virgin America flight, you'll be subject to hit jams like "Part of Me" (sample lyric: "that bitch ain't a part of me") and "Scream." I'm betting requests for those terrible Audioslave albums (which are like Beatles albums compared to Scream) are going to skyrocket on Virgin flights. [24-Bit]

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Chris Cornell

Trent did this to himself with the fame-whoring and drinking/druggin girlfriend so I feel no mercy. The ironic thing is - where are the good NIN albums of the last 10 years? Trent Reznor is becoming every single thing that he hates. Really disappointing. What a hypocrite he turned out to be.


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