Viral Video Of The Week: Kid Nails Epic Drum Solo And Then Pukes

    This is just music related enough that we have to cover this: This is the best drumming-related viral video since that heavy metal drummer dude from 2010. In the video below, we watch a teen drummer rip through a solo in his band concert, essentially becoming Gene Krupa reincarnate, just totally doing the best thing he’s ever done in his life, before life catches up with him: He pukes a few measures after the solo.

    The best part? Too many to list. The look he gives the teacher after he starts up again, and how the teacher seems more worried about his puke than him. And how punk rock this kid totally is. He just keeps it together, even after puking. He’s the GG Allin of teen bands. How he’s holding his puke in for about 10 seconds before he has to let it go. How all the kids in front of him just continue, like nothing happened. This is just the best thing this week. Watch it (via The Daily Swarm):