Violent Femmes Reunion Unlikely To Happen Due To Wendy’s Ad


    Fans of the original lineup of the Violent Femmes who would like the band to reunite, but are mad they won’t, have a fast food chain to blame: Wendy’s. It seems like the band, well, mainly bassist Brian Ritchie and frontman Gordon Gano, are still fighting over the above ad for the square-burger chain that aired in 2007. Ritchie, rightfully, in this writer’s opinion, is mad Gano allowed Wendy’s to use the song, which is about masturbating, in an ad for fast food, and says he refuses to do anything again with Gano because:



    “I don’t like having my sound misappropriated to sell harmful products, such as fast food,” he tells Spinner. “That’s not why we made the music. It should not be hijacked. “

    Good point, bro. Ritchie also sued Gano at one point over the ad, but nothing substantial came of it. Ritchie says he has “no will” to ever do anything creative with Gano again, instead focusing on his own band, called The Break. Gano, for his part, is working on his own new project, Gordon Gano and the Ryan Brothers. So, next time you’re about to eat Wendy’s, remember that chain is keeping the Violent Femmes apart. [Spinner]