Is Vin Diesel Really Going to Release an EDM Song?

    Sources say yes, yes he is.

    Vin Diesel - Steve Aoki

    Vin Diesel, face of the multi-billion dollar Fast and Furious franchise, is rumored to be working with all-star DJ Steve Aoki on a new EDM song. According to the LA Times [h/t Factmag] it’s “a secret project few know about,” and will feature the 49-year-old actor on vocals. The unreleased song was recorded in Las Vegas. Aoki believes the song will be a “monster track,” and will “blow people’s minds.”

    I’m gonna get a Grammy before I get an Oscar!

    Although critics and fans may speculate, Diesel is no stranger to pursuing different creative (and potentially profitable) mediums. In 1986 he attempted to rap over beats created by the avant-garde recording artist Arthur Russell. There are rough takes of this material still available on YouTube. “I’m a man of steel,” repeats Diesel two minutes into the clip amidst a cacophony of staggering drum beats.

    In 2002, Diesel founded a computer game studio, releasing Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. The game was a first-person shooter and a modest success. It also received a fair amount of critical acclaim. More recently on the musical front, Diesel was featured as a guest vocalist on the Selena Gomez single, “It Ain’t Me,” last February. The single was produced by the renowned Norwegian DJ and producer Kygo.

    There are also videos of the actor lip synching a few Katy Perry songs on his Facebook page, which has a staggering 101 million likes.

    So, it really is no surprise that Diesel would attempt to delve into the realm of electronic music. Having made a trip to the EDM festival Ultra Miami back in March, it seems like a logical progression based on his varied interests. Sharing this unreleased track with his longtime girlfriend, Paloma Jimenez, brought the actor to tears. Diesel, joking with the LA Times, hopes to get a Grammy before he gets an Oscar.

    Update: The below Instagram clip features Diesel and Aoki after recording their unreleased EDM track in Vegas.

    Made magic, Blessed. All love…

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