Video: Tom Hanks Drops The F-Bomb On ‘Good Morning America’

    Tom Hanks caused a little controversy this morning when he stopped by Good Morning America. T. Hanks was there to promote his upcoming role in Cloud Atlas, but he also took some time to talk about Saving Mrs. Banks and got, perhaps, a bit too into character. In that film Hanks plays Walt Disney and he fully embraced Disney’s infamously foul mouth.

    Yes, Tom Hanks, on live network TV, dropped the F-bomb. It came in the midst of some near-gibberish, but there was no mistaking what word Hanks-as-Disney was using. Immediately afterwards Hanks covered his mouth and gave an apology to “the kids of America that are watching right now.”

    Soon thereafter, Hanks sent out the following Tweet about the appearance:

    Well played, Tom Hanks, well played. [HollywoodReporter]