Video: The Stones Roses First Concert In 16 Years

    On Wednesday, The Stone Roses played their first concert in 16 years. The reunion was a surprise gig that was announced mere hours before the show and took place at Parr Hall in Warrington, England. Tickets were distributed for free to anyone who had a piece of merchandise from the band and/or a ticket to one of their forthcoming summer shows.

    The set was made up of 11 songs made up mostly from their self-titled 1989 debut. The band has mentioned previously that they had written three or four new songs to be played on the reunion tour. According to reports, none of them were played.

    Below you can check out a 30-second clip of “Made of Stone” which sounds much more like a barroom sing-a-long than their recorded version. We’ll blame the crappy recording on that. You can also hear a recording of “Sally Cinnamon” from their soundcheck. [CoS]