Video: St. Vincent “Jesus Saves, I Spend”

    Don”’t misbehave, mister”¦or we”’re sending you to Indie Camp!
    Hard to say exactly what the message is in St. Vincent”’s new ‘Jesus Saves, I Spend” video, but the best my DVD collection can do is ””part Sound of Music, part Troop Beverly Hills, part Relax, you”’re on a lot of drugs, normal = three hours.”[more:]
    Directed by Andy Bruntel and Becky Fukumoto, the clip features a dream-like sequence in which hipster cub-scouts resist defeat at the hands of many an adversary”ranging from sleeping-bag deathtraps to book-eating (???) compulsions to dark murky forests to fashion crises to monster attacks to solo debut indie records that sound great in the car but then suddenly turn into music videos with weirdly pretentious metaphorical premises that”full disclosure”nobody really understands.