Video: Ryan Adams, Childish Gambino’s Super Bowl Half-Time Try Outs On ’30 Rock’

    30 Rock is insane. It’s also the best (read: funniest) show on TV right now. But it’s (again) insane, especially when it’s taken to the ‘net as part of its animated webisode series. And the latest webisode? Sweet lord it’s hilarious. Not only is Alec Baldwin voicing his Jack character, but you get to watch as Ryan Adams, Childish Gambino, and Michael fucking McDonald try out to perform during the Super Bowl half-time show.

    All three offer up goofy renditions of classic TV theme songs — Adams doing Passions’ theme is the best — but ultimately Jack goes in a different direction entirely. The winner and new half-time performer? Cee-Lo Green, who covers the theme from BJ and the Bear. Holy shit just watch the clip below. [E!]