Video: Radiohead “Unravel” (Bjork Cover)

    Radiohead’s anticipated and mysterious webcast yesterday evening featured all the rock star glamor of technical glitches and pals spinning records in a room. Even for their notoriously obsessive fan base, the whole thing seemed rather underwhelming. That is, until Thom Yorke delivered this simple and pretty piano reading of “Unravel” from Bjork’s classic album, Homogenic. It’s difficult to tell what, if anything, the other band members are contributing, though delicate ivory notes and quaking falsetto suit the ballad just fine, thanks. Radiohead has never been much of a covers band. Even in their sneering early days, they’d prefer a piss take like “Rhinestone Cowboy” to an earnest reinterpretation. But Bjork has always been an obvious contemporary of theirs, and the respect for her material shines through (though, even they apparently favor the earlier records).
    After the song, stay tuned, as a hand slowly writes meaningful phrases on a chalkboard!