Video Producer Quits Job With Interpretive Dance To Kanye West “Gone” (Video)

    Quitting a job that you’ve scarified many hours for, energy, friends, and your life is never easy. But sometimes it needs to be done. And in this case of a video producer working for a Taiwanese company, it led to not only an expressive and creative exit, but her interpretive dance video to Kanye West’s “Gone” maybe have opened up some new doors.

    The New York Daily News reported:

    A video producer says she quit her job with an interpretative dance to Kanye West’s “Gone” on YouTube partly because she was frustrated with her boss’ purported preference for quantity over quality. It became one of her most successful. 

    “I definitely feel that it validates if you stick to what you believe in and put some thought behind what you make it will stand out,” Marina Shifrin told the Daily News via Google Chat from Taiwan. 

    The video shows Shifrin, 25, busting a move throughout her workplace in the East Asian country about 4:30 a.m. on Sept. 23, as her creative and personal gripes scroll across the bottom of the screen. 

    After publishing her video on September 28, 2013 it has gone viral and in a matter of three days has already amassed over seven million views. It ironically received the quantity of views that Ms. Shifrin’s former boss had cried out for.

    Watch her interpretive dance during the twilight hours of her last day at work below:

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